Sunday, 14 September 2008

yay! new pc! at last!

Super surprise yesterday, came staggering in through the front door heaving all my sewn fabric bags with groceries and promptly went into mum-nag-mode at lads for just *being* there! all lanky legs sprawled about the place looking untidy! and discovered David was here! complete with our new sparkly new pc!
Quickly switched into appreciative and kindly sister-mode and ignored the scowls directed at me throughout lunch from both sides of the dining table ..

Still finding our way around our new pc, we have Vista and it all seems quite different, somehow, but looking forward to using it with confidence after all our previous pc problems (fingers crossed).
Being super cautious I have opted to have NOTHING from the old pc put onto this one, we are starting again, afresh, as per day one! and dh is forbidden to do *anything*!
(managed to extract a confession from him that he might have actually selected something that suggested he wanted to revert to factory settings .. but as he gulped a bit and tried to back track when he realised I'd GOT my confession he was thrilled when my brother appeared to be also finding him the guilty party but was able to swiftly shift the blame onto NO.1.SON!!
we are now accusing no.1.son of being the *ONE* who is to be blamed (but only in jest! for really I know its the MMG who resides deep within my (old) pc and twiddles with knobs attempting to tune into the cricket ..)

Do you like the fancy wallpaper on my blog? I do!
Thanks, Jules, for commenting on it - I do like messing about with all things pretty!


quiltingseagull said...

Yippee for your new pc!!!

Jules said...

It's gorgeous & very very you!:)Congrats on the new computer. Good luck on keeping it glitch free.;)heh

SewIknit2 said...

Thanks Cheryl and Jules! we'll try our best to keep the pc going!!