Sunday, 31 August 2008

"Viv" is finished! (hurrah!)

Not a terribly inspiring photo I agree! but it is at last complete!
"Viv" from the am-pm classic Rowan book, a deep V neck tunic which is featured on the front cover.
Knitted up in RYC Baby Alpaca DK, col 206 Hardwick and purchased in half price yarn sale absolutely AGES ago! and has been OTN's for simply ages too!

NEXT to go OTN's is either the Rowan Cocoon and I think I'll select a pattern out of Rowan 42, possibly Petersburg or Oslo (or Arctic) I've enough yarn for each and for a hat too - Snug, perhaps? Again, bargain yarn purchased at £2 a ball.

Then again I've been promising myself to knit up the Debbie Bliss pure silk I've had stashed since half price yarn sale year before last, and since the book that goes with the yarn has been available again, I'm now pondering over the Aran Cardigan which I MAY have JUST enough yarn for, but to safe I'd be better considering Single Button Cardigan or Vintage Style Cardigan which I'm favouring 2nd to the Aran. (mind. IF I do Petersburg in Cocoon, I might well be tired of cables by then).

Either way I'm going to finish my 2nd Jitterbug sock and revisit my sideways jacket BEFORE putting on new projects on the go.

I am resolved to being more organised and more fruitful in my knitting.

Today I reserved a jewellery kit of a necklace and pair of crimpers for my next main project! JEWELRY making! I know! I know! I shouldn't start these things, but I've got tubs and tubs and TUBS of beads and pearls and various bits and pieces left over from my Late Mother's sewing and craft stash and have PROMISED myself to do something with them to at least justify keeping them and I thought the kit might inspire me and give confidence to begin with. If I buy it (on Tuesday) I'll blog further on it.

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Jules said...

Bravo! You go girl!:)