Thursday, 25 September 2008

Progress! (monkey socks)

Three repeats of the pattern on sock.1 completed and I've got the hang of it now!

(I think it was partly tiredness due to lack of sleep which was brought about due to an extremely painful shoulder condition plus, of course, the actual irritation of the pain itself that made me go wrong last night, initially, on the first of the repeats. I unpicked it, put it right and all is well! - wish I could say the same for my shoulder!)

I don't think I got any sleep last night at all!
I sort of remember dh getting up around 6am and I think that was when I finally dropped off, which mean, inevitably, I was late this morning waking up at exactly 8.59am and school was already some 19mins in which didn't impress the lads!
Telephoned the secretary and explained the situation and the lads went it for morning break and didn't get issued with any detentions! hurrah! and only right too!
Tomorrow I have to work, so I shall have to ensure that dh wakes ME up just incase I sleep through the alarm clock again; although I am hoping that my shoulder will have settled down as its another 24hrs since my painful injection at the Dr's! (gulp!)

I like this pattern very much!
Its a very easy and enjoyable pattern to knit too!
I'm having fun with it and I had said a lacey styled sock would be next on the list am hoping this will do to tick that particular box!

My sometime/occasional knitter colleage asked me while I had her trapped in the next seat on the train journey some several minutes in to a 2hr journey, what was the attraction of knitting socks!?
hmm. How to answer it. (how to answer it quickly in couple of sentances as people tend to fade somewhat and get that slightly panicky expression of being trapped in a fibre conversation they can see no way out of other than falling asleep, which regular readers will know this HAS happened to me on occaisions).
its all the fun of the pattern! and the challenge of trying new stitch combinations out over a small
piece of knitting with lots of different aspects eg heel flap, turning heel, gussets and toes etc, which seem to come along just at the right time to prevent boredom AND you get to use lots of different balls of wool!! Super if you get bored easily! Brilliant if you just want a quick and easy project (pick a simple pattern) and Perfect for portability! plus! at the end: a pair of yummy socks!
She wasn't convinced.
Well I had to nudge her several times to keep her from nodding off which she assured me was due to the train and NOT my knitty-conversation but she did spend rather a few minutes looking at my completed sock.1 and investigating the progress of sock.2. I don't think I have a convert, however, as she flung them back at me quickly when I suggested SHE knit a pair ..
Like I said to her its all the fun of above, and none of the worries and stresses of knitting for months and wondering WILL IT FIT ME! at the end (or even, will it suit me!)

I'm still wondering about my sideways jacket, but plodding on regardless, knitting this has taken a back seat for the moment due to the shoulder which makes it difficult handling this weighty garment and the long needles.


Jules said...

Your socks look great....I still haven't done my second sock.:P I was thrilled to finally know HOW to do a sock. And that felt good, but I never got bit by that bug yet where that's all I want to knit.

SewIknit2 said...

I didn't think I'd EVER knit a sock!
what would one want to be knitting a SOCK for!? but I was finally persuaded to try ONCE, at least! one pair! by online cyber-knitty-pals and was hooked!!
I've forgotton who exactly I'm to blame for it, though!
but I'd still be wanting to knit just anything really!
not exclusively socks.

Valeri said...

You know I don't knit.I wish I could and I admire you like mad for being able to knit. But I have to ask...why monkey?