Sunday, 28 September 2008

Have I got a bit of cloth?

dh to me : "have you got a bit of cloth .. ?" (enquiring voice)

me to dh : "HAVE I GOT A BIT OF CLOTH .. ?" (screechily suspicious voice, repeating to play for time while I wonder what he might want it for)

dh to me : "to polish with?" (indicates car outside window and tries to hide washing up cloth and two tea towels with suspiciously oily looking patches on them)

me to dh: "errr .." (trying to avoid the question directly which is hard given he's looking pointedly at 5 drawers and 4 shelves, 3 boxes and about 14 BAGS of *cloth* ..) "errr. I might have .."

me to dh: points to some not that spectacular polycotton which at a push I could MAYBE spare him a 9" square off the several m's I've got of it if he REALLY wants some ..

dh to me: points enthusiastically in return to my stash of best quilters cotton and indicates my Amy Butler might serve purpose of oily rag cloth and could he try some of THAT. . please?
me to dh: quick shove to the shoulder and frogmarch OUT of sewing room with 6" square of the not that spectacular polycotton which given the alternative I found I COULD maybe spare him ..

my AMY BUTLER fabric! to polish the car! I ask you! ..
(and I'm trying NOT to think about the dish cloth and the tea towel)


Jules said...

LOLOLOL I love it! It's like DH asking me for some string & taking some mohair or baby alpaca!:)lol

SewIknit2 said...

Jules! you've hit the nail on the head!
Once I caught him eyeing up my rotary cutter when he was laying carpet in the lads' bedroom!
am I glad I CAUGHT him BEFORE he actually formulated any such plans!!
men? they don't understand!