Thursday, 11 September 2008

Neat Fabric Folding tip

Thanks to my cyber-pal for posting this link I now have a super tidied quilt fabric drawer!
I wish I had an extensive stash that is colour co-ordinated like the video clip, but alas I've not been stashing that long! (actually there are FIVE more of these drawers heaving with untidied quilty fabric and about 3 bags of *bits* and scraggy ends - gulp!)

Such a simple idea but it really works!
Thanks Wilda for sharing this!


Jules said...

Yea for being organized! I LOVEEEE that feeling! But more yea for you on your new background. I'm STEALING that one sometime! Serious---gorgeous!:)

Oz-tralien said...

Who has the time to fold up 600 metres + of stash- it would take me a month of Sundays!LOL Love the idea but I can't see me doing it!