Friday, 25 April 2008

Workshops and Baking

Lovely day at the knitting-workshop! (or should I say, "detention"!) our tutor, and guest, provided us with a yummy lunch, stacks of yarn to play with AND sent us home with a goodie bag which included a Rowan studio book - how cool is THAT for a "detention"?

Back home now, and no.2.son is busy baking choc-chip cookies - I'll take a pic when they are cooked (and before they are eaten!!). He's quite a good cook, and enjoys it too, unlike me - I still remember baking peanut butter cookies and after biting into one before properly chilled, fresh from the oven, having to prise the wretched thing off my TEETH after it "set" as I clamped my teeth around it and spent several mins sucking at it hoping not to lose any teeth in the process! The family will confirm this is quite usual for me!

I like what my friend is up to! And also the neat idea of storing and sorting her perle threads! MUCH easier to see what you've got and less likely to tangle too, seeing her block makes me miss the bit of hand stitching I'd enjoyed doing recently!


Wilda said...

Hey I baked some peanut butter cookies this morning....I'll give you some peanut butter for some choc. chip! LUVYA

SewIknit2 said...

hmm. not sure about that. remember! I don't DO "share" terribly well!