Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Creative Textiles summer term

hurrah! we're back to school! I know I was more pleased at this prospect than the lads, but then again my *school* is SEW much more fun!

With all the wintry weather and snow of Sunday, hard to think we're on our final summer term, and that soon it will all be over!

This week we learned our deadlines for projects and stuff and also, that our Centre Manager will be poking and prodding through our work I mean marking our work - not sure quite how independant this will be, but I dare say its all official and approved!

The good news is, that I don't necessarily have to finish my lace shawl.
(actually I want to finish my lace shawl! at some point! however I seem to be having this problem with finishing of anything just at the minute! am battling on with my Vneck tunic having just cast on and started the deep rib for the front am hoping to get this one tucked away in order to start on some seasonally summery knits! and with the holiday looming I must start the annual stressful wrap-skirt sewing session!).

My problem, I think, is that I am too ambitious in my projects and unrealistic in what I actually can achieve, there are some who apparently manage with ease to produce marvellous works of creativity while saucepans bubble, no doubt, with delicious food for the family and clothes line filled with freshly laundered linen before being ironed and put away. in OUR house its a few grubby t.shirts draped on any surface that will support the slightly cardboardy garment but at least it disguises the lack of ironing! and the only thing that bubbles away in our kitchen is the Fairy power spray that helps to remove the burnt bits ..

Anyway, you can see my problem? too easily distracted!

HERE, then, is our schedule for the summer:-

  • 7-4-08 Creating surfaces with clingfilm and outline activities for texture
  • 14-4-08 Texture 1: couching
  • 21-4-08 Texture 2: darning
  • 28-4-08 Water solubles and bonding materials
  • 12-5-08 sketchbook and project update
  • 19-5-08 no class due to prior commitment for tutor (something important at Rowan at which we hope she'll manage to sneak back snippets of something NEW and IMPORTANT)
  • 2nd/9th June Post-War textile design
  • 16th/23rd June The Liberty tradition (and hopefully a visit to Liberty for a cup of tea I mean a browse through their remnants, NO! I mean their archives. am hoping this won't involve clipboards of questionaires to fill in and puzzles to solve as per class outings to museums in manner of yr.7's)
  • 30th June: THE END! booo! I mean hurrah! we've finished ...
Important dates for me to remember are, 14th April must make sure sketchbook is uptodate as its being marked, must have a better plan for my project than just this vague "I want to do something YUMMMMYYYY!" and 6th June is the final date by which all our work including projects are to be submitted for the poking and prodding of by the independant verifer, I mean the Centre Manager (MUST make note to ensure kitchen is kept clean and all teaspoons washed, dried and put away and ensure we all cough loudly and comment this fact as we pass the office) (luckily - just as we turn into *summer* - the heating is now turned ON and we have a nice warm classroom - WAS idly pondering on wording for an official students' letter on this, am fiercely glad now, that didn't actually get around further than the vague idea of "something rather fierce implying one is PAYING for this and one might not be willing to pay NEXT TIME" - phew! ).

(of course, I say all this very much in jest.)
(and bites hard on tongue.)

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