Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Bits and Pieces (non crafty)

School is having to rearrange pupils for tomorrow due to strike action, and no.2.son is off but no.1.son is in! both, however, are off on Friday for planned INSET day. At the same time, our tutor has arranged for a workshop on the Friday for our group for part of the day, and I kidded the lads it was a "detention" - they asked what will we be doing on our detention, and I said, oh I don't know! I expect she'll make us knit or something! THAT!, they said, is NOT punishment! .. and I think they are right!

Coming soon, 9th May, I have booked a place on Sarah Hazell's Learn to Crochet day as I feel this would be nice, I mean good for me (to learn properly!) and I am delighted to find that 3 other ladies from our regular weekly course are also attending! Sarah does loads of Rowan workshops all around and its worth checking out the website for reference as day courses are a lot of fun.

BOTH cats are in trouble today! Lilly (unusually) because she was caught playing chase and catch (and burst!) with no.2.son's mini-football and Bertie (typically) because he somehow managed to get IN to my sewing room despite my checking the door is closed MOST of the time, and took a piece of needlefelted fabric and CHEWED it! I know it was him, as I followed the trail of fibres all the way into lads' bedroom and found him SITTING on it underneath their bunk beds trying to pretend he didn't know how it got there .. I wouldn't mind, but I managed to find some of the purple floral fabric that makes up half of my pin cushion that he seems to favour, particularly, and made HIM a catnip filled one which, inevitably, he has ignored totally! It seems he knows what is an authentic crafty notion and what is a fobbing-off attempt at a notion! Anyway, its raining this morning and I've put them BOTH outside .. grrr

I've got to catch up today! I've got some experiments with cling film to try out!


fuzzywhitedogs said...

Poor Bertie! Maybe he just wants to sew like mommy!

My cat is enamored with pins (the long straight ones with tiny yellow balls on the heads - meant to be used by quilters). When I'm sewing he'll hop up & grab one between his lips & take off running with it!

I am always SO careful to keep them where he can't get to them.

... at least I THOUGHT I was careful until one day when moving furniture I discovered his STASH! A tiny stack of pins all collected in his favorite hiding place! There were about a dozen there!

I didn't mention it to DH as he's always worrying that the cat will swallow a pin & die. (He - the cat, not DH - has a bleeding disorder so it would be serious if he did swallow one.)

Now that I know he's a collector & not an eater I'm not going to worry about him any more.
:-) He can help me sew whenever he wants to.

SewIknit2 said...

Oh I'm SEW glad I'm not the only one with a cat who loves the sewing room and PINS in particular!
I agree about worrying about them swallowing them and coming to harm, I try to keep Bertie out of the sewing room but he just manages to sneak in somehow!
Happy sewing!

Jules said...

I can't wait to see the experiments! And wow what fiesty pets you have.;)heh

SewIknit2 said...

Jules, our pets are certainly little characters, and totally different too despite being brother and sister.