Saturday, 5 April 2008

MORE books! (yawn zzzz)

You know me! I love my books!

Above book purchased last week from The Works, a snip at £1.99 just for the yumminess of some of the patterns within (textiles and wallpaper "patterns") and an interesting read while on the bus home too!

More library books! We're lucky here to have such a good selection of modern crafting books available to loan and these three reflect my interest in felting and embroidery!

Picked this knitting/crochet book up at the local Countrypark we visited today, in their gift shop - while waiting for the family to buy their duck/bird feed I noticed they are also running a Felting workshop end of the month and couldn't resist buying the book above, bargain at £3.99 - I've read much of it and for the price not much more of a magazine, not bad!?
(the family, meanwhile, are resolved to my just FINDING knitty-fibre stuff while out on day trips, not quite believing it is all entirely fortunate, I mean coincidental!).

The weather was a bit grim, mixed with showers, sleet and SOME sunshine - but we enjoyed the THREE AND HALF HOUR walk around the country park, in the main! (slight problem when we lost the trail we were supposed to be following for 2miles, and found ourselves on the cycle route for 5miles half way round! exhausted we finally found the end of the route and all our feet and legs are aching, as you can imagine!!).

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