Saturday, 12 April 2008

David's Adventure

A selection of photo's sent to us from his travels abroad from my, David:

Super scenic shot from New Zealand, above.

Partying with new friends - David is 3rd on the left looking at the camera (inevitably sat next to a pretty blonde lady!)

Apparently Sydney was "full" when he and his friends, John and Kerry, arrived and it seems that David ended up sharing with 5 Dutch girls .. .. hmmm (David is at the bottom of the heap in pic above looking a bit squashed).

It looks a bit ccccoldddd ... (New Zealand)

This is better! looks delightfully hot!

Fancy Dress party, David is the football field toward the rear.

Kite surfing in New Zealand.

Tons more pics and he threatens, I mean promises, to come round this afternoon with the entire collection for us to enjoy ..

It will be hard for him to return to normal/routine/work from Monday having spent last 8weeks away with his friends, John and Kerry, this trip was a last minute decision that came about following the sudden breakup over the New Year of his relationship with Becki.

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