Saturday, 5 April 2008

Quilty Projects!

Remember the strips of pink fabrics I bought? A couple of my quilty-pals suggested I lay the strips onto a foundation fabric to create effect below and I set to and spent the last week working on about a dozen 9" squares (trimmed to final 8.5"'s) having fun with the fabric and the machine!

I liked the neat idea on one of the links they suggested I look at, of leaving a section in the middle of the foundation fabric empty to create a sort of framing effect, but overall I'm quite pleased with what I've actually got!
Started off being quite particular with my fabrics and getting the shades just right but by the time I realised I needed to just use what I could in order to get as many blocks as possible, it was just anything goes!!
Silly, really, to be making a PINK quilt when there's only ME that likes pink and dh has already muttered about it better NOT be going on HIS side of the bed!!
I think I might use it as a throw! perhaps for my "messy" corner in the lounge .. ?

While out on our OTHER family day out, I err happened upon a quilty shop and just HAD to buy the cushion kit, above! All the fabrics cut out including bondaweb and wadding and backing, pattern instructions too for £12.50

Nice to get to do some applique and make up this cushion without having to worry about being creative and original or anything! Slightly annoyingly I found they'd cut the 9.5" strips at a short 9"'s which meant I had to fudge and fumble about and substitute some pieces, but never mind! the cushion looks lovely and I enjoyed "playing" with my machine stitching through the layers in a variety of patterns using my walking foot!
I might make up some more cushions too, as ours are in need of replacing I think!


makeitsew07 said...

Oh that won't do.. you must send it to your best pal in Maine, really.. hint, hint..
You've come a long way since the bicycle applique :-)

SewIknit2 said...

lol!! you mad-mare! it won't, you know, grrr!!
I do remember the bicycle applique, I was hoping to have forgotten it!