Sunday, 20 April 2008

My Pink Quilt is DONE! yahooo!!

My quilt is finally FINISHED and very pleased with it I am too!
But first, my little darning and couching sample for last weeks' textiles course homework:

I enjoyed this project very much and am pleased with how it looks, given there is no embroidery stitches within it, just a series of cords and yarns couched to create a mini picture based on the pic to the side which you can see I've simplified to give the effect rather than a true copy. I'm not terribly thrilled with the sky, you can see the top edge curling under the darned yarns? maybe I should have hooped the fabric for better results? anyway is pinned FIRMLY into my sketch book now!

This quilt was a bit tricky to handle! I'm certain fellow quilters will be nodding their heads with me as I say there is a fair bit of fierce man-handling of fabric going on under the "foot" sew to speak! The finished size of some 60" square was quite big enough for a first attempt and at one point during the free motion quilting of the outer border I'd got a whole bunch of it thrown over my left shoulder, a wadge under my right elbow and a firm grip in each hand of another wadge either side and at one point was seriously contemplating getting my left LEG involved, possibly by throwing it atop the horn cabinet to steady the excess!
Watching several video's uploaded to U-tube didn't help! with their graceful and artistic motions, I felt like a huge carthorse chucking my weight about!

If you look carefully you can see where I mistakenly stitched a decorative pattern in pale pink to adjoin the blocks and inner border, it doesn't quite "go" but I'm certainly not going to unpick all that satin stitch patterning!!
I went for random swirls and wiggles for the red border, here you can see me having fun!

hmmm. SEW. Bertie found his way into my sewing room! Surprisingly he's taken his ban quite well and hasn't even scratched at the door all weekend, but he did sneak in this afternoon - for a bit of a check and found my quilt which, inevitably, he had to take a closer look at!
I've a feeling Bertie will claim this as his own!

Here you can see the finished quilt. I went for four outlined heart shapes at each corner of the deeper pink border, and filled in the rest with random heart shapes and general swirls which works quite well and suited my inexperience!!

The closeup below shows the corner detail.

The binding has been machined and, thanks to my good cyber-pal-Debs, I managed to disguise the accidental folding back and stitching down OF the backing fabric, by applying some steam-a-seam to some pink fabric and I may do some hand stitches to the edge if it looks like coming loose/fraying etc!
NOW FOR THE NEXT PROJECT! oh yes! no.1.son.15yrs has requested one!!

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fuzzywhitedogs said...

Oh Sue, it is GORGEOUS!!!