Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Creative Textiles

Interesting session this week!
Working further on the theme of darning and couching I gathered a few bits and pieces and tore some magazine pages with which to work on - and spent the morning alternately oohing and ahhing & generally gasping at some of Kim's delightful and inspired samples with cling film from the week before!!

I grabbed my knitting (V.neck tunic) as a project to work on after my brother turned up on Sunday evening and spent the WHOLE evening going through his (thankfully!) edited photo's from his trip and at the end I was too tired to sort my bag out with embroidery stuff!

Didn't get much knitting done, rather more TALKING! but thats what its all about! talking and sharing and looking at each others work! We have some very talented ladies in our group and it would be easy to feel intimidated by such talent, however very soon you come to realise that it IS all possible! and its not that hard, really! (it just seems to come easier to some!).
Except for Kim. Kim is the exception! she's like a creative tap! it just POURS out of her! her books, her bags - even her pockets! just seem to hold handfuls of experiments, of scribbled notes, quickly drawn ideas and bits of fibre buttons etc! She's one of those ladies who is just an inspiration as she, apparently, feels no fear!

My project is decided! After discussion with tutor, Sarah, I'm going to do a small piece of Kantha inspired stitching - we have only 10hours in which to plan, prepare samples and achieve the project .. (hence the word "SMALL" ..)

I decided on this as I enjoyed (eventually!!) this type of stitching and its totally new/different to me - it would be too easy for me to pick a machine stitched project or even a knitted one and while I yearn to do a more meaningly or creative piece with loads of "stuff" chucked at it eg embroidery/beading etc I've had a good long think about what I want to DO for myself is not necessarily the same as being suitable for the PROJECT!

Slightly panicking, still, about lack of progress on the Kiri mind! Although I have been invited to join a Kiri dedicated group on Ravelry which may inspire me further to pick up the needles and get going again!

Work this week involves couching and darning and I'm currently half way through a simple landscape which I hope to be able to show you soon.

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