Saturday, 5 April 2008

Days out with the family

Over the Easter hols, we've had various days out with the family - here are some pics from one lovely day out spent at Bewdley museum.

Interestingly on the day after visiting the museum, I read on one of the blogs from my reader, that someone knits these! I wish I could remember who it was, now!

As well as finding some knitted hats, I also found some other crafty bits and pieces too! Here is a pic of me looking a bit peculiar (I think it was cold day and I was gritting my teeth while waiting for my son to take the shot!) standing by some handmade rope making equipment!

WHO are they planning to put into the stocks .. hmm ..

Totally Surprised! I promise I didn't KNOW that there was a yummy quilty shop just up the road from the museum!! I've been lucky in finding something of interest to me, on all our jaunts out and about and the family are starting to get suspicious that I might in fact be researching this!!

This lovely shop has two floors worth of fabrics, notions, mags and other things associated with quilting, including workshops and classes too!

After 15mins I felt sorry for the family and reluctantly came out with just the purchase of a cushion kit, but managed to hiss at the chap who was assisting in the shop "psst! is there anywhere ELSE I ought to know about .. wool shops!? .." and he pointed up the road to ..

Notions! inside I found some nice varigated embroidery cotton - I like to buy something from these types of shops that I find and I would have happily bought some sock yarn however it was all a bit ordinary and dull ..

Lovely day out and nice weather, we had tea and cakes in the tearooms, discovered that all the pubs were closed and didn't reopen for meals until 6pmish, so headed home and ate at local pub instead!

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