Tuesday, 6 September 2011

We made it Tuesday (instead of Monday)

no.1.son prepares Pork in Cider casserole

dried fruit soaks overnight  for "cider cake"

plate of cakes!

fruit scones & fresh cream

Ok, so we made it today and not yesterday!  But I have "made" Mondays my day to get stuff done in the house - mainly getting the vac. out and cleaning the bathroom which is pretty boring to blog about.
No.1.son is gamely joining in with preparing meals and cooking and baking like the good lad he is!  I've not managed - yet! to swing it that he washes up as well, but to be fair he already does do this on a regular basis AND without my asking too which is pretty good? for an 18yo?
The cakes and biscuits are familiar favourites, the cider cake comes out everytime I make a pork casserole as one can "does" for them both and always goes down well.
Now we're changing seasons, I'm looking forward to switching from lunch salads to soups and will be trying out some new recipes I've come by in various books.

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