Saturday, 3 September 2011

hurrah! he's passed his theory test! (at last)

HURRAH! third time lucky and no.1.son has finally passed his theory driving test.
Seems a really odd way to test - using this sort of computer tap-tappy thingie?
Anyway, had a good old rant about why can't they do things the old fashioned way and WHY does everything have to revolve around tap-tapping on computers but now he's PASSED then hurrah who cares??
We had this dilema you see, on what to do in the event he'd not passed; on the one hand we've spent a fortune on lessons which would be "wasted" had we abandoned paying to continue BUT on the other, until he has passed this test he cannot progress anyway and I had this awful fear that he'd never pass it! doomed to always score 2 marks off the required pass rate.
Trying to encourage him to be positive and "go for it" with some enthusiasm and willing him to wake out of this perpetual teen-zombie like state he gets into (particularly when around his father and I!) but without frightening him with threats of withdrawing lessons like a punishment for NOT passing, I think I managed to impress upon him the importance OF trying his hardest but that if he had failed though we'd be disappointed we'd not shriek - impossible to tell whether he'd pass/failed he sent us a text saying "done".  done. done what? done how? done PASSED? or done FAILED?   completely expressionless he took about 4seconds to catch up with his ears hearing what we were asking and managed to tune his brain in sufficiently to convey that he had of course : PASSED.  and then ducked. neatly. out of the way to avoid my outstretched arms seeking a congratulatory hug and very nearly collpased into the path of an oncoming bus.  We grappled a bit with me managed to get my fingers onto his coat but it took dh blocking his exit and helping me corner him to get into a position where I could aim a friendly thump at him and THAT I had to make do with.
Got my own back. though. while waiting for him to sit his test, dh and I looked around at bedding sets and bath towels and crockery and decided that perhaps we ought ask no.1.son what colours/styles he would prefer!  Dh backed me up and INSISTED that no.1.son accompany us back to the shop in order to express his preferences.
Seriously I would be tempted to just shove a handful of notes at him and say GO BUY YOUR OWN if I thought it would make ME feel better.  Managed to get him to point vaguely in the direction of a set of uninspiring plain sets whereupon I directed his finger toward some lovely hot pinks, brilliant blues and vibrant limes and reds .. ? no ? no. ok. no. then. NO. plain. ok, he'd accept a "stripe". Rather reluctantly he said he'd accept a pale blue stripe if I couldn't bear to just get him the pale cream and slightly paler cream stripe ..  by the time we approached the crockery dh had already anticipated his feet heading in the direction of PLAIN WHITE and cut him off announcing that PLAIN WHITE and pointly vaguely toward the dull and uninteresting corner AWAY from the jazzy sets of smart pillar box red that I was aiming for ..
on the bright side, dh commented that at least the plain and uninteresting sets are the "cheapest".


Valeri said...

Well done!

SewIknit2 said...

thanks Val! unfortunately his Instructor says he's not ready to put in for his practical test and as he leaves soon for Uni, we're not sure whether to continue lessons or wait until he's settled and see "then"!
Sue xx