Sunday, 25 September 2011

Had a bowl of grapefruit - not bled to death yet!

Well I had a quick look on the internet and couldn't find anything that I could completely trust understand - i'm sure my anti-coag-nurse is quite correct, but the tin just called to me and I fancied something fruity for breakfast and so I ate some. bah.
This is the trouble with having half bits of stuff told to you - I've been eating grapefruit for ages now and if it hadn't been for a chance conversation I'd not have thought to mention it so now am wondering about what ELSE I oughtn't be eating?  Anyway, I've picked up a pin cushion and "found" several pins pushed into my fingers and the bleeding looks about "normal" for what one might expect so I've concluded that perhaps a small bowl now and then isn't going to do much harm?

Practically ripped out sleeve one last night down to first stripe, and reknit after I counted the stitches and discovered I'd either misread the instructions or - more likely - FORGOT the increases.  Too late I reknitted on 5mm needles before remembering that I was supposed to remain on 4.5mm until AFTER the first stripe .. One of the frustrating aspects I've found is that post-2nd-ablation blood-clot incident I can't REMEMBER quite the way I think I ought to!  I can COUNT my stitches - its gone. annoying.  recount them, remember the number .. reach for the pattern - its GONE! AGAIN? .. seriously I've even FORGOTTEN by the time I've got my pencil poised to write it down!  but not ALL the time.  just SOME of the time.  Frustratingly when I sit in front of the Dr intent on grilling him about HOW frustrating this IS my memory suddenly sharpens its focus and I find myself remembering EVERYTHING he's ever said in minute detail while his eyebrows widen and open and I can SEE his brain attempting to connect quickly enough before engaging in conversation likely to set me off on one - hmm NOTHING WRONG WITH YOUR MEMORY THEN?? .. no. apparently not. TODAY.  anyways.   Well I've got another appt coming with the Neuro/Cons next month and I'm trying to decide whether I'm "improved" or whether I'm just getting better at finding ways to minimise the inconvenience of a dodgy memory.
It hasn't taken too long to work out that the FAMILY are taking advantage!
Huge waffley set of instructions to no.2.son yesterday evening - during I admit a football match on tv so perhaps wasn't the best of times TO be setting about with waffling conversation? - anyway got to the end and paused - no.2.son turned to me and said "what was that Mum .. ? .. wasn't listening .." to which I too paused before dh chuckled and muttered "thats my boy!" but MY reply : "I can't REMEMBER!" BAH! so annoying! have just waffled for several mins on deaf ears and even I can't remember - can't have been important? prolly not. but thats not the POINT?  anyway. I did remember. later.  something to do with HOMEWORK.  and THAT continued to fall on deaf ears too.

Brilliant night spent knitting up my sleeve - Doctor Who, X Factor, QIxl and Jonathan Ross - by the end of which marathon I was fair FED UP with knitting! but my sleeve is now at a promising point where I can start to see myself wearing the jumper! hurrah!
Pics to follow, I promise!

NEXT plan up my sleeve is GLOVES.  having realised that the Sept KAL that I've now basically missed is nearly over I've got the choice of joining in with the Oct one OR just knit the gloves anyway - thing is I need to knit at least one more pair of fingerless mitts for sil but also fancy a pair of "new" gloves for my "new coat".  I am leaning toward Mitt Envy OR Knotty.


marysews said...

The last house I lived in had a grapefruit tree. I love grapefruits so much that I gave up my statin drugs so I could eat grapefruits every day. These drugs aren't good for you, anyway -- in fact, they can be dangerous.

My biggest eating change used to be going to all natural foods and getting off my drugs. Now, my biggest change is avoiding carbs, and that's not easy, honey.

SewIknit2 said...

I'm coming around to thinking meds aren't the answer to every(problem) too. having been so "ill" for yrs with dreaded beta-blockers and being fobbed of by Dr's as "just" side effects, I'm now resolved to being as med-free as I can safely be!
I was ticked off by a Midwife the day after no.1.son was born for eating ORANGES! (while feeding/son) as being "bad for baby". hmm.
Sue xx