Monday, 12 September 2011

Union Jack Scarf

I'll be quite honest I'm struggling a bit with this!
I was keen to CO and perhaps I ought to have started it in the day when I was a bit fresher - and certainly not while the lads were screeching at the football match on tv!
Anyway I wanted to have a go at knitting with this yarn, and something with the Union Jack & thought this scarf would be dead easy!  (it probably IS, I'm most probably being a wimp?).
So. Its OTN's for now but all thoughts of knitting one for the entire family for Christmas are out the window and crossed FIRMLY out of my mind ..

start of the motif

the yarn
I had planned to knit the scarf and use one of the browns to make the gloves for the KAL - will have to see how I get on with the motif at the moment I can't even get the border right and thats just 2 stitches! bah!

I went on a "fairisle" knitting workshop and thought I'd remember how to carry the yarn at the back but evidently I've not remembered and I've struggled with the purl rows in particular and had to undo one row FOUR times and only reknit it because it was either that or cry!  Tomorrow when its quieter I'll have a look and see if can find some online "help" and have another go, otherwise its GLOVES all round for Christmas, then!?

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