Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Kate Shawl nearly finished!

nearly finished!
I took this photo at the beginning of the week and I'm now just a few rows away from finishing this project!  I'm very pleased to have nearly completed it and am making it my focus at the moment as I want to get it done and start WEARING it! (cccold!!)
I will have used 4 balls of felted tweed and will try and remember to measure it when I put up a final "finished!" shot.
NEXT to be knit with determination will be Tender my stripey jumper!
On hold at the moment is the Union Jack scarf while I try and decide whether to bother!
After a lengthy discussion with knit-pal-Sally who is knitting this and other of similar themed motifs on a rather flash cardi/jacket and also had some difficulties with carrying the yarn (thus proving is not me being an idiot!) we've come up with a couple of action plans to get it knit - nicely! and I will have a go with some other yarns to test our theory!

Other projects lined up:
Christmas Stocking panel
At the same time as buying the fabric for the nursery bag, I also bought a panel for a Christmas stocking and some plain red fabric, wadding and calico and plan to sew a pair of decorated front/plain backed stockings for the new family babies - sil's grands for Christmas gift.
After taking advice from cyber-sew-pal-Debs who is expert in quilting, I've decided to line and quilt both front and back rather than just the front as suggested in the shop.


Faith said...

Hi Sue, I love your profile photo I think you look fabulous. The knitted shawl looks gorgeous and the christmas stocking for one lucky baby! what lovely bright colours!.
Thankyou for visiting my blog I must make more of an effort to write it morex

Faith said...


SewIknit2 said...

thanks Kath! I always like to try and read my friend's blogs first (before all the squillions of others!) but its hard to find the time to write up all the stuff all the time
hope the dressmaking is coming along!
thanks for kind comment on profile pic, that was last knitted scarf pic I think!
Sue xx