Friday, 23 September 2011

Library books and magazines

library books
this months reading
I always get a mix of books from our local library and often include a cook book, I enjoy the Hairy Bikers tv programmes and am watching their current series - meals on wheels and have already planned two or three recipes from this one.
Yesterday I picked up issue 42, Knit and decided to buy a one off Knitting-issue 94 mainly because of the free gift: labels! decided it was worth it for the labels never mind the content!
free gift labels
Not properly read the magazines yet - but I was surprised to see my "teddy" in fabric bag appear AGAIN in the Readers Gallery in this current edition of Knit as it did have a small pic last time.

my teddy!
Its nice to see something you've made in print - I think teddy looks lovely hanging out of the pocket!

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