Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Knitting Updates

I've decided to try and keep the knitting updates separate from whitterings about other stuff going on ..

The jumper is coming along nicely, I've now knit the front up to the point where I switch to yarn E (the black) and blast it! I've run out! I checked, double checked! the pattern definitely says 1 ball, but I've got inches left of this and still got two sleeves to knit a stripe each too!  I hope to get to the shop next week to buy another and shan't fuss too much if the dye lot is different, but I shall be cross if I can't get this "off black" shade as it particularly complements the other colours and really makes the sequence attractive I think.

I'm enjoying this pattern and would consider knitting it again.

Tender: the front
Instead, I've concentrated today on knitting the Sirdar cardigan, design E and have just started the first sleeve after knitting both fronts - I decided to knit the size 6-12months thinking it would be a more "useful" size to knit for the forthcoming season and age of the new baby as she will be heading toward this over the colder months.
Its a quickish knit and not much to it in the way of shaping, but then baby garments don't need much in the way of knitting or shaping and I'm pleased with the colour.  Now all I need to do is finish it, and knit a "tiny teddy" before choosing fabrics to make up a baby-nursery-bag and the gift is done!

Sirdar Design E
OFF the needles and frogged are:
scarf - mainly because the pattern wasn't that interesting afterall and I don't think the number of stitches was particularly attractive either.  I've got other patterns for a single skein of KSH that would better use this so I've pulled it off and rewound it!!
gloves - simply because its too much effort to manage the stranding with the way my brain is at the moment and even though the errata came promptly I still found myself spending too much time for the value at THIS time (with all else I've got OTN's).
onto a cable and "resting" is:
Portree - for similar reasons as above although the value of this as a garment means that I may return to pick up and continue (or I might just unpick and use the yarn for something else, but until I decide am giving the project the benefit of the doubt and "resting" it).
I ripped back one "teddy" that I'd started for no.2.son too.  I will start over when I've time to commit to making it in one go.

I feel SEW much better for tidying up my projects and tomorrow I will blog and upload pics of the finished declutter of my sewing room - all my UFO's now are contained in one SMALL basket - I have been RUTHLESS the lot is either dumped or its got a last chance!

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