Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Grandma's box of treasures

In amongst the bits and pieces in my sewing room that belonged to both my late Mother and Grandmother I came across a box of "bits and pieces" and here are some of the more weird of them!
no.2.son and I laughed at some of the things, in particular the old pens and thermometer-thingie, the thimble without the finger end and some rather scary costume jewellery!
Now one thing I've learned over the years is not to just "open" strange boxes without some care and poor no.2.son had quite a shock when he opened a match box - expecting - naturally - a box of MATCHES and found a box of TEETH! .. he yelped! I said not to worry they looked more like animal teeth almost certainly horses teeth but quite possibly cows!?
Having recovered from that, he opened another box of "dust" - between you me I expect thats all it WAS - dust! but I couldn't resist suggesting it might have been remains of great-great-someone or other!? (well. knowing both Mum and Grandma, is more likely to be dusty remains of some beloved pet than a relation! but that, he said, wasn't much comfort and off he went - coughing and heaving slightly ..)
box of teeth!

my baby id

a shell

bits & pieces

Canadian coins & scary costume jewellery

I remember my Late Grandma taking a trip to Canada just a year or so before she died and it was nice to come across this purse with some coins in, I know somewhere in the box are photographs of her trip - taken at the time with her then "boyfriend" - Henry whose family it was they visited and stayed with on the trip.
Lovely to see a tattered envelope marked "Susan 12.8.1961" and inside a tiny scrap of ribbon printed with "baby Bayliss" which I think you can just make out.
Most of the box I'll be honest I threw out, I just kept one or two things but there was a lot of junky stuff that just got collected, I suppose? I've now got one smallish sized old fashioned case that is packed with old photo's and bits and pieces which is reasonable to keep and a nice momento from the past to pass on.

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