Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Cats and boxes

We've got two cats and enjoy their antics - some pics of them curled up in no.2.son's new-shoes-box which nearly brought about a huge fight over WHO claims the right to ownership!
Lilly likes boxes and is very fierce despite being a skinny-strip of nothing and last night poor Bertie inspite of being the bigger and stronger turned tail and hopped it after SHE made it very clear with some impressive hissing, spitting and fluffing up that SHE was NOT giving up the box for anyone or anything!!
Instead Bertie decided to chase his own tail underneath the curtains - silly cat, he "forgot himself" and bit his tail to his own surprise!
Bertie ventures to the box

He doesn't fit & needn't settle! Lilly spots him!

goes off to chase his tail instead!

looks surprised when he bites his tail!
tight squeeze but she manages it

& shuts out the family to curl up and sleep!

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