Thursday, 15 September 2011

there's a hole in the ceiling!

there is a hole in the ceiling.
for ages now we've struggled with a curtain rail at our bay window in the dining room.
I told dh that we cannot wait for him to start "doing the room up" now that we're not due to start this until next year, he has to get the curtain rail issue resolved - now!
Our problem is that the fixing is not good and after taking advice from a pal dh decided to screw into the ceiling a length of wood.  I left him measuring up and "planning" a "how to" and came back from the shops to find HIM covered in dust and the ceiling with a huge HOLE in it.  Apparently - cough - he is going to replace the whole ceiling with plaster board .. hmm .. after several mins of ranting and some choice words have restricted him to knocking ONLY the bay window section ..
so now we have a hole in the celing and still no curtain at the window ..

(what he'd be like if he was home f/t I don't know! for all sorts of reasons and not necessarily financial I'm praying they renew his post-retirement p/t contract in January!)


Valeri said...

Oh poor you! I hate it when things happen like this! On the other hand I love your little bag. It is superb and I have to rush away and make one myself!

SewIknit2 said...

lol! thanks Val, have you got a handyman who can fix the roof - send him HERE we've still got huge hole! bah!
have finished new baby bag in pink/yellows and feel bag-inspired myself!
Sue x