Monday, 12 September 2011

Sirdar Design E finished

Sirdar Design E
Finished the little baby cardi I knit for the sister of's former girlfriend - not sure what happened to the collar and button band can only assume was not concentrating as fully as ought have while watching X Factor over the weekend!  (ENJOYING the new series!  loving the new judges and think is an improvement although did think remark from someone on This Morning about Cheryl Cole selling Big Issue a little unkind) anyway for a baby-cardi I don't think it matters and no one but me will know anyway?
I had bought some white buttons at the same time as the yarn but in the end they didn't suit, instead  I used some of my LateGrandma's from her button-jar.

baby socks
 I knit another mini-teddie over the weekend with left over yarn and matched the embroidery to the buttons now all I have to do is buy some fabric to make a bag and the gift is complete.

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