Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Baby Bag and Knit gift complete

The Lovely Bag filled with baby gifts.
fabrics cut for two bags
I chose my fabrics using the little socks I'd knit for colour inspiration and had to have some help in picking a third fabric (the pink dotty) but I bought enough yardage to complete two bags and cut them out and fused the lining pieces top of the week.

I like to make a bag to house my "gifts" as I think it makes the whole gift a nice presentation but unlike the little simple drawstring bag in last post, this one is actually the main part as its perfect for putting bits and pieces in and I've made it so many times now for family/friends having babies to hold baby toiletries that I now call it my "nursery bag".  In fact its one of Jan's designs and hers has appliqued pockets and though its a "mature" pattern I'm certain if anyone wanted to buy it one could approach her via her blog and ask!

I made a slight error in cutting out the pink dotty fabric/lining and unfortunately ran out of yardage to line the pockets on one of the bags - cross at myself I must have misread my rotary ruler as I also discovered I'd made my bag 1/4" shorter too!  that aside it sewed up perfectly and I've made a pair of bags in a little over a days worth of sewing time.

matching the colours to the socks
Inside the bag are the cardi and socks

baby wipes and bath products in the pockets
Little Teddie sits in charge!
My brother is calling round after work for his tea and will deliver the gift this evening.

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