Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A good sort out and tidy up!

I've had a good sort out and tidy up not just of my sewing room - ha! but also my READER!
I used to be quite good at keeping up with stuff, forums groups etc but lately I'm all over the place and my Reader just put me off with its bold list of squillions of stuff to READ - SO I took a deep breath and went through it, read as much as I could and marked the rest AS READ and now I feel all weird! I keep opening it up and checking! just a few new posts trickling in and easily managed!
I've started to go through my blog list and will update to reflect the ones I read and follow regularly.
In a bid to be more efficient, I've started reading the tips on various helpful forums on Ravelry and discovered there is LOT more to that resource than first appears - if I could "live" anywhere I think I'd live there! its SO organised and efficient! far more to it I just LOVE it!
Back to the sewing room!
Yesterday I finished the final sort out of my woolly stuff and I even put out some YARN! gulp! yes! and without a 2nd thought! only "fun" yarns I must confess, not the "good stuff" but in addition I sorted through my needles and have now got three rolls of matching sets and duplicates I have set aside to donate to new knitters at next week's charity knit event.
I found it harder to sort through my notions and accessories than actual stash - yarn and fabrics etc but I've made my set of drawers much more efficient by being ruthless and all my scissors and rotary cutters now sit INSIDE their cases (how long THAT will last I can't say!)
In trying to free up "space" I've now managed to get everything into either a cupboard a drawer or a box or bag and all the WIP are zipped into plastic project-bags and this leaves me with two large bags for my knitty projects "on the go" which I will use to transfer the current 3 or 4 knitty projects that are cluttering up the coffee table.  the only danger with bagging stuff, is that its easy to "forget" I've already got several things on the go and I start something NEW which I am resolved NOT to do!  My new resolution IS to finish something and THEN start something new.  the only exception being: another pair of fingerless mitts/gloves.  see? my problem? I just can't help myself! hopeless! oh well, at least they will be a quick knit and to be fair they are a request that I've promised! (excuses .. excuses ..)

some of my needles sorted into pairs!

some of my scissors all in cases

press & box of quilt threads

knitty & quilty projects "resting"

knitty projects WIP

yarnie stuff sorted

wadding & filler corner

felty stuff

craft fabrics

lingerie fabrics, powernets etc

household & silk fabrics

lingerie notions, elastics, straps etc

card making & glue gun

stuff I plan to "do" something with/to finish

embroidery station

tracing papers & stabilisers

emb threads & spray

emb hoops

dressmaking notions, tapes, shoulder pads etc

bag making handles, craft & labels

useful bits & pieces marking pens, tapes, rulers measury things

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