Monday, 30 June 2008

Rowan Book (bargains!)

SEW long as we agree that the above doesn't count as my breaking my resolve to NOT giving in and buying yarnie yummies IN the sale!? .. my BARGAINS include The Bamboo Tape Collection, Classic Summer book 11, Classic Art book 10 and Rowan Knitting & Crochet Magazines 38 and 39 - all HALF PRICE.

As its officially day 3 of the sale and I can't knit with them, it almost very nearly just about counts as regular purchase? either way I'm keeping a very first grip on the YUMMY Amy Butler bag and fabric "reward" of last week what EVER anyone thinks!

Couldn't resist stocking up on lovely books and as I've always said "books don't count" in the general theme of overspending and random purchases and I've earmarked several projects already.

Elsewhere, managed to pick up a stack of half price school shirts for the lads to see them both through to the end of their school days which means! (remember now! I am mathematically challenged!) that the books were practically FREE as I'd have had to buy the shirts anyway whether half or full price!

Next week sees our no.1.son.15yrs off to work on his 2week placement for work experience! dh has secured him a place where he works which means getting up at 6am each morning! its going to be a LONG day!!

Never mind! as we turn into July our family summer holiday to Spain beckons! and he can spend the fortnight lounging about by the pool at £60 the poorer we're all fixed up with our holiday reading material and as we've opted for a town house this time, we hope it will like a home from home (except a bit posher and more luxurious and a LOT hotter!!).

Counting down the days now ..

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