Saturday, 28 June 2008

Amy Butler Bag!

AS a reward for NOT buying any yarn in the *SALE* albeit the sale hadn't ACTUALLY started and thus I couldn't have actually bought any and now it HAS started well I can hardly take back the cut fabric and opened pattern, now can I? as I say, AS a reward not NOT buying yarn in the super half price sale I decided to buy an Amy Butler pattern and some fabbo fabric to make mself a bag instead of more yarn which would end up sitting IN lots of bags ..

(mind. thats not to SAY that I definitely, categorically WON'T be buying any fabbo half price yarn in the sale and if I should weaken my resolve and give in, well at least I'll have a BAG to stash it in! but I won't. weaken. not even for all the Rowan bargains. to go with the 5 books I've err set aside to umm look at with a view to definitely NOT purchasing the yarn to accompany any of the projects I've no time to actually knit but blow it, who am I kidding? who CARES!? its SALE TIME .. YAHOOOO .. AND ITS ALL HALF PRICE ... hope there's some LEFT for meeee! I knew I shouldn't have left it this long!!!)

Last night by way of early celebration, we took the lads to the Britain's Got Talent show for no.2.son's forthcoming birthday, end July, as he is MAD on this series and has watched the recorded episodes so many times that even WE know the routines and order of play!

Lots of screaming teenage girls, particularly for the winner, George, that aside it was quite a nice evening and best of all we were out of the carpark at the end and home in speedy time (SOME who shall remain nameless suggested it wasn't speedy enough and rather wished they'd STAYED home, but he's just a miserable old git far too old to remember being rising-13 and enjoying these sort of things).

I'd offer to put more photo's up, but basically they don't get any better than this! lots of blurry out of focus too far away shots of silver sequined outfits and flashing lights as I inevitably capture each artist as they either disappear behind the curtain or collapse (intentionally!) upon the floor!

(there were a lot more people there, to be fair I took this as we arrived and it was quite a nice jolly, if hysterically screechy, atmosphere).


Wilda said...

OH've done it again!
You send that 'ugly bag' to me "immediately upon completion!"

quiltingseagull said...

Love it all Pattern and fabo fabric

SewIknit2 said...

lol! hands OFF you pair of MAD-MARES! the bag is MINE!!!

Sue ;-)