Friday, 13 June 2008

The jacket is done! yayy!!

LOTS of apologies for the terrible photographs! I can't believe I'm actually going to publish them! (I must get myself better organised and actually BUY a dress form if only for the purposes of taking a decent picture!!).

At last I completed my jacket today! the fabric is a lovely dark navy pinstripe with a light blue and beige stripe, I bought this piece of fabric about 5yrs ago when I optimistically thought I might make an "interview suit" about the time I was planning to go back into proper work! its sat in my sewing room all this time and I finally decided to make it up!

I had just enough (barely!) to make a jacket and two skirts, had I realised I'd forgotten to cut the facings, however, I'd have been stuck skirt-wise, at least! I used some of my infamous grey for the lining (groans from Debs!) its been SUCH a useful purchase and has to be my all time best EVER investment - 27ms for under a tenner - back in the days when you could get a real bargain!

The grey fabric has seen both my son's through middle school and is now seeing me through "work" as I have 4 jackets and two skirts in it and LOADS left over, it ought to see me off never mind through work!

BACK to the jacket! as you can see its hanging unattractively on a hanger looking rather wrinkled, but its better in real life! I had to adapt the collar into two parts for both the upper and under, which didn't seem to matter at the time of cutting but, since then, I've had all my hair chopped off! I'll have to try and hope for a bit of summer-regrowth at the back!!

Never mind, its a nice jacket and has a lovely quality lining in mid-grey, its fully interlined and stabilised with shoulderpads and fleece wraps at the arm all per the speed tailoring course I attended years ago!
Goodness only knows what happened with the skirt pictures! the top is another one of my "usual" New Look A-line good old standard pattern, the number of which escapes me at the moment but I've blogged it before!

The 2nd skirt is from the same pattern as the jacket and is a new one for me, I'm reasonably pleased with the fit and shape of it, its not really quite as twisted as it appears, thats just because its gripped at the waist by a skirt hanger dangling in my doorway!

The pattern used for jacket and 2nd skirt is Simplicity Threads number 3962 and features a shawl collar which I think is just the hardest shaped collar to manage!
I've done two other jackets using this same pattern and have decided this is absolutely the last time I'll make this up as its too much fuss and faffing about trying to frighten it with the iron into rolling satisfactorily!


makeitsew07 said...

Yay for grey flannel !! I'm not groaning, I'm thrilled you are finding such good uses for it.. and I sure wish I could find a similar deal around here.. haby fabric is scarce as hen's teeth here..
The jacket is brilliant. You did a great job and I like the skirts, too.. tho I prefer the dark one to the light one just because I'm weird that way.
I need some of your energy to get my own stash sewn up!

SewIknit2 said...

I wore the suit today and received some compliments which made it all worthwhile! and I promise its not as scarily crooked ON my scarily odd shaped body as it seems in the pic - but you KNOW this already!