Wednesday, 4 June 2008

New bag for work

This is a lovely pattern and very useful as it has LOTS of bags!! McCall's fashion accessories pattern no 9261, view B small size.

The photo isn't terribly brilliant but you can see just enough to know that its a super bag! we have to take clear bags into work and this is clear enough in my opinion to qualify! The main part of the bag is clear vinyl which I usually sew into a basic rectangular bag without a particular pattern (although you'll remember I used my cyber-pal- Carol's bag pattern last time?) the upper edge and lower band is some rather nice novelty quilty fabric that was sent to me ages ago by someone and I've been waiting for a suitable project to use it and this is it! it matches well with the white webbed handles!

Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy to sew up! I used my roller foot for the vinyl but think I'd have done better with my walking foot, I wish I'd thought about it and sewed the straps down over the open seam allowances which would have made my bag much neater looking given I've got no lining and couldn't be pfaffed to bind raw edges! never mind, it only has my sandwiches, a brolley and my hair brush and container of de-caff tea bags in it!!

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