Monday, 2 June 2008

Air show - family day out

Yesterday we went to an air show at RAF Cosford and spent rather a looong time peering at noisy planes in the sky .. Our no.1.son is very interested in this sort of thing and we all generally went along with the idea but it was sort of nearly worth it for the expression on his face and to see him SMILING!! (I think he's perfected the teenaged scowl and general look of discontent and we're waiting now for him to return to a more sunny and friendly disposition, around 32yrs I'm told ..)

Anyway here you can see the rather marvellous and spectacular Red Arrows performing, and below that a shot of something else I forget WHAT exactly but I've got approximately 680 other shots that look rather similar and can easily upload a few more if requested ..

Although overcast, it wasn't wet and it was quite warm too, this is the first time we've been to an Airshow and we generally enjoyed it.

No.2.son wasn't terribly keen and mumbled quite a lot about why he couldn't have been left at home instead! Of course we've spent the best part of our evening relaxation time with HIM watching endless shows of Britain's Got Talent (not to mention the cost of voting each evening, although to be fair, since each of his selections managed to get through on each occasion including the winner, George Sampson, I suppose we can't grumble! well. until we get the BILL I suppose! (or find out later they've been fined for fudging the phone results!

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