Monday, 23 June 2008

Another one, black satin this time (bra)

Gets a bit boring after a while, as I've got several more combinations planned, which include some nice black with black stretch lace and another with black/lilac lace and some yummy pink with hot pink lace, I'll probably just take one collective photo at the end!

This bra is black satin with black powernet and I've lined the cups and added some bra padding for shape, I'm fast running out of underwires and as this is now officially my fave pattern will have to fork out and buy some more!!

Spent an hour this afternoon rummaging through my set of lingerie fabrics and notions drawers (I've got a cabinet on wheels with five drawers PACKED with the stuff! trust me I need never buy lingerie in my entire life!!) and sorted out all my stuff into plastic bags to make it easier to see what I've (not) got! I use the sort of bags with press studs on them that you get when you've small children and you buy vests and pants and stuff for them! they are just the right size and you can generally manage to scrape off all the labels too.

The advantage of making up several items in quick succession is you get into the sewing swing quite easily and I'm now running these off like a production line, this will last as long as I don't get bored OR I slip up and insert a cup incorrectly and lose the will to unpick and carry on, either way I should have enough new frillies for the forthcoming holidays.

A pal asked WHY would I bother to sew bras? My answer is that well why NOT! Initially I enjoyed the novelty/challenge aspect of something "new" but now I find I can get the fit I like quite easily - eg I have a low bust point and narrow sloping shoulders, custom making my own means I get a comfortable fitting bra. PLUS, I have to! I've spent a fortune on cabinet on wheels which is packed with lingerie and bra making supplies - ha-haa!! I gave two pals a set of stuff to make one each, but neither has felt inclined to give it a go, I suspect is sort of sewing you either relish or leaves you cold; I just like the lace, trims and elastics and the fact that its a quick and relatively easy sewing project and one I'm guaranteed to wear at the end of it all!!


Valeri said...

Wow! Good for you! I used to make my own knickers but not bras! That looks like a brilliant pattern...where did you get it? Somewhere I've got loads of stretch black lace just crying out to be made up. Of course I could always send it to you! Ha! ha!

Jules said...

WOW-I'm SOOOO impressed! Seriously--that is so something my mother would have tried.:)lol

SewIknit2 said...

Thanks Val, I did try making knickers too, but now contain frillies to just bras, underslips and cami's - one day I'll post my first ever pair of (huge!!) knickers, trust me they covered the entire dining room chair - I made a mistake with the pattern, I hasten to add, NOT that my behind was that large (lol, but nowadays I fear I'd fit them!!).
I'll email you the pattern details.

SewIknit2 said...

Jules, thanks, to be honest is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy once you've made the first couple up! they look more showy because the satin and laces used are just sew lovely!