Thursday, 19 June 2008

Dress form - to buy or not?

I'm very seriously considering buying a dressform (not least as it might help with my photo's!! never mind the fitting and finishing!) but I'm not sure how useful it will be as a fitting aid and feel it might be expensive as just to "dress" my garments for photographic purposes.

I've started looking round and reckon on about £200 so its not cheap - but I will be dead pleased with it and glad I bought it?

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Jules said...

I think Nancy's Notions sells them...not sure the price, I'd have to dig out a catalog. And I'm not sure their shipping policy over the pond. But it might be worth a look. And you might check and see if JoAnn's ships to you and has them. They ALWAYS have grand coupons to make it much much cheaper!
I think a dressform sounds fantastic! Here occasionally I see one in a dumpster of a store going out of business or a thrift store. Good luck!