Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Nosey Neighbours!

We're not having a terribly great time with some of our neighbours at the moment, but when no.1.son discovered his cat, Bertie, sat atop our litle shed and "peeping" over at the next door neighbour as she sat reading her book in the sunshine he couldn't resist taking a quick shot of him from inside the house!

(he really IS a nosey cat and can't understand why it is that our neighbours have blocked up the hedge adjoining our gardens - that perhaps its because they don't want the cats coming in!!) Bertie, consequently, is fascinated with our neighbour and their garden and will pointedly peek over, ducking, occaisionally to dodge the water pistol!

Now WHY they particularly don't want the cats is because they like birds! and sew, too, does LILLY! unfortunately SHE likes to catch and eat them! I can understand this being annoying, when you've gone to the trouble to site bird-boxes and block up the hedge and THEN find "mummy bird" being dragged off over the garage roof by said cat! .. large stones were hurled over at her in our garden, but too late, I'm afraid to save the poor bird!

(well. thats cats. I'm afraid. they just DO that!)

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