Friday, 23 May 2008

My 10hour piece for end of Level I

For the end of the year we have to produce a piece of work and accompanying sketchbook detailing its process to the tune of some 10hours. (good job we didn't count the 3months work of humming and haa'ing over it!). Below is a photo of my finished piece:

I chose a kantha stitch inspired project because hand embroidery is a new technique to me and I so enjoyed doing this earlier in the year and it was on the back of my mind that unless anything else jumped out at me I'd like to work on this technique for one of my projects.

I chose to make it a small size to hang and here you can see I've backed it with a piece of green silk dupion and added a small hanger I've had for ages! The reason I chose to back it was mostly because the three layers of lightweight muslin made it slightly see-through and also a little flimsy.

This is the original cutting that I took a while ago from a magazine and liked enough to set aside and when I found it again while pasting stuff into my colour book, I decided it would be perfect for the project!

Enlarging the small copy and tracing the main elements I did a few samples before deciding that I'd "add" the element of transferring acrylic paint via bondaweb to the top layer of fabric (after first checking with the tutor that I could mix these and wouldn't have to necessarily stick strictly to a Kantha piece!) I wish I hadn't! in a way! or at least I wish I'd not got carried away and added the final layer of pink chiffon!!
One of the reasons I particularly enjoyed this stitchwork was the lovely quilty effect the stitching produced at the end and I didn't get this, quite, with the final layers and combinations!! My main reason for adding the chiffon was to be able to transfer the traced copy onto my layers for stitching and even then I managed to go all wobbly and miss the lines completely on account of stitching it at night (yes! even WITH the wretched daylight lamp which I wish I'd not bothered with and am glad I only paid half price for!!).

I'm pleased with it for what it is and how its turned out, but disappointed as its not how I imagined it would be but I like the idea and may rework it again in the future.

All our work has to be completed for handing in in a couple of weeks time and my aim was to complete this project before the start of half term to give me chance to check my main sketch book. I have some pieces still working on but they are additional to whats in and I may shelve all but one of them in favour of the forth coming *summer holiday* and inevitable rush of wrap skirt sewing up!!

Tomorrow we're out for the day and may be eating out with step father no.2 as he celebrates his birthday this weekend, work on Sunday and nothing planned for the bank hol Monday as yet!
My brother, David, informs me of good news for his Dad (step father no.1 removed due to divorce to me!) in that they have finally decided to "replace his shoulder". (sounds a little bit strange to me, but I'm assured that IS correct all the weirder given I thought he went in for a scan on progress of his stomach cancer! apparently not. thats another appointment!). David is off for the weekend for a biking trip with HIS brother (also, confusingly, called John!).


Jules said...

OMG amazing work!:) Keep it up!

SewIknit2 said...

Thanks Jules, I've learned loads this year!