Sunday, 4 May 2008

Finished my mini blue quilt

well NEARLY finished! what I mean is I've finished bar the actual finishing ie the binding!
Its turned out really quite nice and due to its minature size I plan for this to be a sort of throw it on the end of the bed for the cats to lie on type of quilt!
When I've done the binding, I'll upload a photo of it.
It made good use of my FQ's and was a nice peaceful sewing project and terribly quick and EASY! best of all has released space in my quilty cupboard for MORE fabric!!

Yesterday our no.1.son went out with some of his pals for the day and had a sleepover to enjoy this new game that they are all apparently mad on, we got a telephone call at 9.15am this morning to pick him up which we thought was a bit early! normally they don't surface until the afternoon! turns out he and one other lad had stopped up ALL NIGHT! (the other two fell asleep about 5am!). We let him go to bed and sleep until about 3pm but dh was left with instructions to NOT let him sleep all day and consequently I've come home from work to find one VERY tired and grumpy teenager thudding about the house and lolling all over the place with his lanky legs all over the place!!
(still. I suppose there's worse to come when they disover alcohol and girls!)

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