Sunday, 11 May 2008

Bondaweb beginnings

I based my design on the same image picked up from my little cheapie arty book and blast it! I forgot it transferred back to front didn't I!! never mind ..
(its meant to be a flower, btw, in case are wondering what the blobs ARE ..)

Here is the first, bondaweb painted with aforementioned acrylics and bonded onto some green silk dupion which is the least successful in my opinion which is a pity as I'd hoped the lovely fabric would complement it nicely. I've not embellished it yet.

Here is the 2nd, bonded onto a layer of muslin and hooped with another two layers under for added body you can see I've started to stitch this one with some rather odd looking embroidery stitches picked out of my new embroidery stitch book. It looks (slightly) better in reality and am hopeful that after flinging pile of beads at it will at least look glitzy!! I've done a bit more since taking this photo but it doesn't apparently look any the better than this shot and at least you can see more of the bondaweb!

This was the most successful transfer! onto pelmet vilene which I bought a small piece of at the recent sewing for pleasure show and the insert says it IS particularly suited for both machine stitching and bondaweb transfer! It looks a bit stark at the moment, not sure quite what to do with it other than look at it mind!

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