Friday, 23 May 2008

Creative Textiles, interesting conversations

We've had a short half term as no class last Monday nor this coming bank holiday Monday.
Instead I've used the time to work on my final piece for the end of this year's lovely course which has been a most interesting time not to mention liberating, creatively speaking!

By chance I struck up a conversation in the shop with another lady who attends a C+G creative textile type class run by Maggie Swain and was very enthusiastic about it; I particularly enjoyed the conversation as she, like me, came in from a more "tailored" background of dressmaking and garment construction type of sewing and it was nice to hear another's experience of seeing textiles and machines in a more creative way and to discover that it does take time to adapt to new ways of working with such materials and methods!

Similarly, this lady also enjoyed the transfer of acrylic paints via bondaweb and layering and cutting of fabrics so you can imagine we had a good long chat!! At the end of it, I discovered she is in fact the cousin of one of my own colleagues!! small world!! full of spooky coincidences!

As I near the end of my own course I have to think about what I have achieved and gained so far and where I will be this time next year! My new *friend* has found the challenges of the C+G very demanding and she too has a health concern and, it appears, a close relative with a cancer, it seems that finding an outlet such as a creative course with time spent with likeminded new friends goes a long way to keeping everything into perspective and emotions into check! We decided that some of the nicest and closest of friends are a "crafty bunch"!

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