Sunday, 11 May 2008

A bit of layer, stitch and slash!

Whilst waiting for the bondaweb to dry, I got sidetracked into trying a few ideas based on a library book on machine embroidery techniques and this seemed like a nice one to try:

Layers of muslin, then wadding, a piece of background fabric with several layers or partial layers of assorted sheer fabrics topped with a piece of lace finally a large piece of sheer organza and hand basted together to hold secure.

Sew (dropping feed dogs) over the layers of fabric, stopping from time to time to cut away at layers to reveal patches of the underneath sheers which include netting types before adding more stitching.

The lace piece was a mistake!
I realised it just after I'd started and decided to attempt to cut away at as much of it as I could, initially I thought the project doomed! but after leaving it a couple of days I picked it up and stitched some more.
Its not quite finished but almost at the point at which I'll start to embellish it.
Provided it looks halfway decent I plan to use it to cover my rather dull looking main sketch book for the creative textiles course!

I would do this technique again with a bit more thought and understanding.

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