Sunday, 11 May 2008

Crochet! yayy! I can OFFICIALLY do it!!

AND I have the project to prove it!!

On Friday I attended one of Sarah Hazell's beginners crochet workshops along with 12 other newbies, 4 of us coming along from the creative textiles course which was nice!

Of course my hook case is rather more suited to storing a classroom's worth of pencils, rulers and the like with room for an apple and a bottle of water!! but never mind, it IS finished, being JOINED at the sides by some rather desperate hacking at wodges of yarn with both hands and a good bit of heaving on my part!!

It all looked SEW easy on the demonstration!! I'm almost certain I've invented a new way to create faux-buttons but, again, I don't mind as they are at least the right SHAPE (sort of!).

The course was good because I discovered I was wrapping the yarn the wrong way, in fact! and at least I discovered that before habits set in! I was surprised we made a project! and I think the tutor was similarly surprised we achieved as much of it as we did too!
Of course, pal, Kim, was off on one of her mad woman's adventure to see WHAT she could with a hook and some yarn and I'm fully expecting to find she's free form crocheted something spectacular before felting it by tomorrow's class!!

We had a super lunch and then it was back to it - we learned the beginnings of making other projects such as grannies squares and spirally scarves and yummy corsages!
Armed with the basics AND my book! I shall look forward to more fun ahead!!

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