Monday, 5 May 2008

Finished: the blue lap quilt

Finished my pretty blue lap quilt, I used mostly from stash having to buy some 90cm of plain blue for the backing and binding only which makes it a nice project to have made use of some of my stashed fabrics.

I did minimal quilting - just a bit of stitch in the ditch to hold it all down in place as I don't expect this to be used much beyond the cat lying on it!!

As you can see, this is typical of the response I get when presenting someone in the family with a handmade gift! My son is doing his very best here to look as though he's not actually NOTICED me flinging and then artfully arranging said quilt and taking a photo! Mind, he HAS opted to keep it on the foot of his bed "for Bertie" who sleeps there most nights and I must admit I got a much more satisfying response from the cat who stuck his claws in and rolled around for ages before settling down for some fur shedding and a good wash!

We made these little pin cushions for the charity event at work and charged .20p for them, I selected a nice bright red tartan silk and teamed it with a bright yellow felt and stuffed it at home using my good filler! They were very popular and the 13 we made sold very well.

A very quiet bank holiday for us, I didn't sleep terribly well last night and as the weather looked grim and the family mumbled about wanting to watch the NUFC vs. Chelsea game this afternoon, all plans to "go out" were abandoned and I spent the afternoon in my sewing room!

Back to normal tomorrow, work and school for them, day off for me - hurrah! and of course I've got the crochet workshop to attend on Friday!!

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