Sunday, 18 January 2009

More Reading Material

Like the bus, they all arrived together!!
My subscription copies of Threads and Sewing World and I bought a copy of the new magazine, The Knitter, and picked up latest copy of Yarn Forward all on the same day!
(and I've not really read any of them properly! yet! I just look at them and screech a bit!)
I've decided that when my subscription for Sewing World ends this March, I shan't be renewing it, I'll still make an occasional purchase but I've decided to continue with another year for Threads. I find Threads a more informative and useful magazine and I'm thoroughly fed up and bored with SW this last year or so!
I doubt very much that I will take up a subscription to The Knitter, although its a super and glossy "superior" magazine, its a bit pricey and I'll want to see if there is a bit more meat to sink my teeth into by way of more articles to READ before I decide! I will, however, buy issue two as it looks like it will be interesting! (colour work!) There are a few of the cable patterns in issue one that I like - plus the lace top too, but I don't generally source my patterns from magazines and I like to know there is plenty to read.
LOVING Yarn Forward! though! and a cheaper price per issue too! The patterns seem a bit more modern and of interest - I can see myself knitting from these rather more!

As well as crafty magazines, I've had books on the go too!
I finished reading "A Thousand Splendid Suns" and read "Breathing Lessons" before starting "Kite Runner" - I'm about half way through this book now.

My shoulder continues to give me bother and I try to relax each afternoon and read a chapter, I would love to have suggestions for books for read and have been lucky to get quite a few from our library which makes it very cheap!
Just as well as this is the longest I've been off work on the "sick" and the bank account is a bit light as you can imagine!

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