Thursday, 29 January 2009


I'm afraid I pulled off the Lacy Top and ripped it right back and discarded it on Monday!
I was just so annoyed that somehow I'd managed to lose 11 stitches!
Mind, I am pleased that I decided to do a stitch count before starting the lace section, I'd have been really cross had I discovered my error while trying to DO the lace section!
Tried for an hour to find and correct it but even going right down to almost the start (REALLY painful and tedious given the nature of the KSS yarn!) I couldn't and decided its far too risky knitting this pale yarn on light pins in the poor light and its OFFICIALLY OFF THE NEEDLES!

OTN's in place IS:
Martha from Rowan Studio 2 - yay! in Rowan Felted Tweed, shade 141 - discontinued and purchased half price 6xballs originally intended for a bag pattern I saw in a knitting magazine!
When I saw Martha knitted up ages ago in the Creative Textiles class I used to attend, I decided I must remember this!!
Took me a while to decide what to knit, I didn't want anything too big and bulky as I'm still struggling with my well frozen shoulder which has been hurting me now since beg. Sept '08 and I'm hoping this will be do-able!

I started it Monday and I've reached the mid section on back after the decreases and it seems to be knitting up okay, I just keep taking a break and switching to the socks if my shoulder aches too much.

Not sure about the colour.
Typical "me" its grey, I know! but in the daylight its a blue grey! - honestly! - it DOES have a flicker of "colour" in it! and while it wouldn't be my first choice for this garment, I think it will be wearable!

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