Thursday, 22 January 2009

yay! I've turned the heels!

In a way I AM knitting two socks! at nearly the same time!
I managed to gather myself sufficiently to give it a go on the circulars and found it was easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy after all! I don't know what I was fussing about! (mind. I am panicking, slightly, at the picking up/gussett bit that comes next!).
As I didn't want to abandon completely my original blue sock on DPN's as I really do enjoy knitting this pattern, I decided to work them both at similar stages to give me confidence that I do know what to do next.
Much as I'm enjoying the sock knitting I'm getting a bit bored with it, I want to knit something to wear!
I looked through my Rowan studio 12 book and have a fancy for the lacy top on page 28. It only takes 4 balls of KSH and - hurrah! I bought 5 for £1/each! (shrieks!! at the bargain of it all!) in a rather dull shade of beigeness, really, ah well but for a fiver its worth it!
That ought to be light in my hands and kind to my shoulder?
I'm really finding the weight of the woollen all in one sideways jacket just too much beyond a couple of rows and much as I pledged to not cast on another garment until this is FINALLY finished, I think I'll let myself off this promise.
Worried. slightly. about how I'll cope with the lace decreasing/keeping to pattern bit at the top. I had a bad experience with another lace cardigan but as LACE was/is on my list of things I want to knit (along with cables! and beads! and felting!) I think I could rise to the challenge.
You can see the pattern here. I do quite fancy the bow and sweetheart cardigans, but decided to go for something a little different other than just plain st st.

Yesterday we took our no.1.son for his interview for the 2nd of the 6th form colleges he is considering for after his GCSE's and were quite impressed by the teacher who gave some very good sound advice. He has to wait for his results before deciding on the courses - in particular his maths result.

Tomorrow I'm off for another (painful!) visit to PT and after I'm going to my sewing-pal-Ann's house for a coffee and enormous catch up! We've not met up in months and I'm going to take along my socks to show off, I mean show her! I'm looking forward to seeing her and hoping she's better after the nasty bout of flu she came home from her trips to Australia with which has knocked her off her feet.

Today it is pouring with rain! Roll on spring! I'm tired of this year already!

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