Friday, 30 January 2009

Chomping on yarn ("Martha")

Chomping away at felted tweed, the current project OTN's has now reached the interesting part of the back section - the cabley bit! yayy!!
Managed to finish the st st tedious part last night and as I ran out of ball no.1 I had a late night attack of the "what if I run out of yarn?" This morning I am much calmer.
I checked my tension on two needle sizes prior to starting this project (neither were spot on! but the 3.75mm were closest) and I am trusting that I will have sufficient.

This morning I am off for another session of PT and to pick up my letter requesting an X.ray - slightly annoyed that the GP requested an appt on 8th Jan only for it to be returned as apparently an appt request isn't necessary, I can just walk in! (I could have just walked in ON the 9th! grrr!). I just want my shoulder resolved! And if there is anything other than this frozen shoulder, I want to know!

Need to pop along to library today, two of the books I reserved have arrived and I've finished The Kite Runner and notice that that is requested by another library for a reservation.
Almost caught up with my magazine reading! Decided I love the cream cable turtleneck jumper on the front cover of The Knitter! blast. thats all I need! a distraction!

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