Sunday, 18 January 2009

Sewing and Knitting Projects ongoing

Currently OTN's is another pair of socks, using Regia Stretch Color in a lightly varigated shade of blue I cast on in a hurry last Thursday in anticipation of a hospital appointment the following morning. Glad I did! with five pieces of equipment failing, we had a 3.5hr waiting time plus we'd arrived some 20mins early in the first place! Nearly 4hrs added time meant I got quite a bit of this pattern underway (and was I thirsty too!! having gone without anything to eat or drink since 7am as per instructions).

The Pattern comes from the set of 5 free socks offered by Knitting Daily, and this is Ann Budd's "Seduction Socks". Close up shows a lovely pattern over 8 rounds where only 1 and 5 differ and is easy to memorise.
Mostly I knit without bother but did go wrong a couple of times, largely due to interruptions by other (bored) (and equally thirsty/hungry!) patients who either wanted to know what I was DOING or tell me about the knitting they've not actually done this side of 25yrs .. and did people really knit, STILL?

Another bra, using the usual Kwik Sew pattern, I used lilac powernet overlaid with lace and lace only upper cups. I'm starting to run out of co-ordinating notions and need to start planning ahead in anticipation of Michelle being at the Sewing for Pleasure show again this spring for more supplies!

Finally! another pair of gloves! this used up the last two remaining balls of Rowan Baby Alpaca that I'd left from previous project, Viv, and I shortened some of the fingers for a snugger fit using the same pattern as before from the Noro Mini Designs book which I still love!

I'd like to try some mittens next! and have seen some super examples around the blogs which have inspired me to try.


Valeri said...

You have so impressed me with these bras that I am going to have a go myself and will get a pack from Michelle and a pattern! As if I had oodles of time for something new!

SewIknit2 said...

lol!! I'm quite impressed MYSELF! even!! they really are quite easy to sew once you've had a bit of a go!
I recommend Michelle's stuff as I've used it extensively with no problems and they wear and was well too!