Saturday, 24 January 2009

New Knitty Project! Rowan Studio 12 Lacy Top

My newest project! Cast on tonight! I purchased 5 balls of Rowan kidsilk spray, shade 572 (rather uninspiring beige!) for £1 each last year and had it stashed while awaiting a suitable pattern! I've seen a few, actually, but decided in the end on the Lacy Top from Studio 12.
Cast on this evening and had to rip it after going wrong, have decided it was the pattern that was wrong and if I were more confident in my maths, I'd say it was DEFINITELY wrong, but more than likely its just me! ho-hum! two goes and I managed to fudge it!
The whole thing got flung aside at one point! this yarn is SEW damn hard to knit! and in the half light of evening even with a daylight lamp, it was tricky to get started!
I chose it as I thought it would be a light project for my still frozen shoulder and I'm fed up, frankly, with socks and gloves! and wanted a proper knitty knit to KNIT!
I'm suffering now. (hence I'm here blogging, and not in bed reading!) my shoulder ACHES! ouch! but I've finished the first section including the first decrease and its now easy-peasy knitting until I get to the next bit!
The pattern takes 4 balls, I may have enough for a scarf too! we'll see!
Bertie created a bit of panic after he got a bit excited when he got his teeth and claws into the KSS and must have liked the feel of it! I managed to chase him off and will have to remember to NOT leave this project out on the side overnight!
Mostly my knitting is safe(ish!) but some yarns are apparently irresistable to cats!

This morning I went for another PT session.
The PT advised that frozen shoulder can take 3yrs to settle.
Asked me if I wanted to continue with PT.
Said that though there isn't any guarantee, it CAN (sometimes!) (if one is lucky?) shorten the span of pain/immobility and what did I want to do?
I grumbled a bit and muttered that I wasn't going to just stop after not actually, apparently, getting any benefit thus far, and opted to continue.
HE mumbled (and might have grumbled too) a bit. And suggested I do some more advanced moves. Took, I thought, a little bit of delight in having me force my arm into peculiar and painful positions that I nearly accused him of making up, and sent me home with a sheet of more exercises to attempt!

Picked up a copy of Yarn Forward for my pal Ann who I was visiting and had a thoroughly brilliant afternoon just catching up and putting my world to rights and generally sorting me out!
I don't confide, often, but Ann is a terrific and long time pal whom I trust and I felt much better and very nearly left her a cheque AND a tip!! Freezing cold and much later on, she dropped me home which I was grateful for and I spent the evening KNITTING!!

I'm paying for it now! My shoulder is aching like mad! but I've decided its apparently going to, regardless of what I do, so I might as well do what I want to do and put up with it!

Have a terrific weekend!


Faith said...

That wool looks nice and wow you are so clever with the knitting, its ashame no one has invented the anti-cat wool dogs like wool too if they thing its a ball. Thankyou for visiting my blog its been great to see you there and I love seeing your crafts too.

justin said...

Stumbled across your blog and saw you have frozen shoulder. My mother has this and I am helping her heal it.I am logging all research on a blog of my own if you would be interested. Take care and speedy healing so you can get back to painfree enjoyment of your passion.