Friday, 23 January 2009

and now I've turned a CORNER! yay!

yay! not only have I turned a heel using two circulars, I've also turned a corner! the corner being one of understanding what I'm DOING!
Picked up stitches and started the decreasing on my blue sock to get into the idea of what it is I'm SUPPOSED to be doing, then I picked up the circular sock and just went for it! it worked! I found out via a terribly good website that the stitches are redistributed sideways for the rest of the sock and it meant that I had to hunt around to find my stitch markers (which, of course, I couldn't find! and had to use great bit clumpty plastic things that came free with a mag I suspect!) but .. I did it! yay!! All the decreases are worked and this makes it an easy-peasy knit for now for me to take along to my PT appointment!

I've got some concerns about my blue sock.
Basically I think I need the next size up in needle!
I should really rip it out and start again, but I can't face it, so I'm ignoring the obvious and carrying on hoping that the nagging doubts will be quashed and it'll be alright.
You have permission to say : told you SEW!

Sorted my needles and yarn for the KSH project but didn't cast on in the end last night, I was tired by the time I'd finished with the socks and didn't fancy wrestling with the KSH and counting st's in the night light. If I get chance today I'll do so, and update Ravelry too.

Poor no.1.son has been picked to take part in a sports/football session by local football club at his school today instead of normal lessons (they get credits for good work/behaviour etc and depending on the total they get to do "something" nice) and its RAINING! absolutely tipping it down!

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