Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Happy Christmas wishes (and reads)

Well I've got my Christmas Eve reading all planned out nicely!
Comfy seat with a cup of tea and mince pie later this morning and a copy of Yarn Forward, picked up at WHSmiths two days ago and my subscribers copy of Simply Knitting arrived in the post this morning.
In it, a special subscription offer for new knitting magazine, The Knitter. Wondering whether to subscribe? I've been thinking about dropping my subscription for Sewing World magazine for some time now (and usually give in and write my cheque at the annual Sewing for Pleasure show where they have a main stand each year!) but really I've not found much of interest within its covers for a few years and I'm thinking of dropping this one.
My subscription to Threads is also due. Not sure what to do about this one? I enjoy it the most of all sewing magazines, but I can pick it up easily now its available in Borders. hmm .. shall have to think about that one!

There is nothing to do today! except enjoy Christmas Eve! the lads are getting restless and I need to find something to do or rather something for THEM to do! (I'm sorting of thinking: tidy their bedroom! do you think this will go down well as a suggestion?) DH will be home early today, we hope! In past years they've usually left around lunch time but they have a new site Manager and he's not letting on whether this will continue.

We've caught up with family and wished everyone a Happy Christmas. We don't generally do anything over the festive period (mostly because we're usually working and only "off" on the bank holidays, this year is different for me, I'm off "on the sick" so Christmas has been an extended time at home, in fact I'm not due back until Feb at least) except stay home and enjoy watching the lads with their presents. As they get older this changes, and dh is muttering about going "away", perhaps, one year - who knows! maybe we will! SIL and her family are off on Boxing Day to Tenerife for a week - that would be nice!

Craft wise, not a lot happening, my alpaca glove is still OTN's and I'm deciding which sock pattern for my next project and I've got two lavender lace bra's cut out and just waiting for the opportunity to buy underwires. Meanwhile I'm looking at patterns and thinking "cables" - I fancy "cables"! just the right project for over Christmas to keep my mind off all things sweet and generally bad for the dodgy gallbladder that I hope NOT to annoy!

Which leaves me just to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas! and hope its a peaceful one and a happy time. My thoughts are also with those that are not with us any longer, MIL who died on Christmas Day '92 and my parents too.


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quiltingseagull said...

A very Blessed Christmas to you too Sue.
JMHO but I'd never take the chance of missing out on a Threads issue. lol